Egypt in South Africa

Artefacts at Iziko Museums

Iziko Museums of South Africa has a small but interesting collection of Egyptian artefacts. The bulk of this collection consists of the Tarkhan artefacts excavated by Sir Flinders Petrie at the site of the modern Kafr-Tarkhan, 59 km from Cairo, and dates mainly from the Early Dynastic period (3050-2686BCE). There are, however, some later pieces as well. Other objects include objects from Amarna (1891-1892), a fairly large component of everyday objects such as ceramics and faience, religious/grave objects such as mummified animals, canopic vases, ushabtis, grave models and a Middle Kingdom stela.
Artifacts excavated by Guy Brunton, mainly from Middle Egypt, arrived in South Africa in 1929. Alabaster wares, slate palettes and various other objects from Predynastic to Coptic times form part of this collection. The rest of the objects in the collection were either bought from auctioneers in Europe or donated by private persons.


The Armarna collection (excavated from 1891 - 1892) displayed at the Iziko Slave Lodge.